Smart Indoor Lighting

Human Centric Lighting Solutions


Lighting has been known to affect people’s moods, motivation, well-being, and productivity. With people spending most of their adult life indoors, lighting is playing an increasingly important role in our day to day lives. Human Centric Lighting solutions can support circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, and prevent sleeping disorders. With Smart Lighting fixtures, the luminosity can be manipulated to range from warm white to cool white light, and granular controls allow for dimmable intensity from 0-100%.

DreamVu 360 3D Camera Based Smart Lighting

DreamVu 360 3D Based Smart Indoor Lighting This collaborative product is a state-of-the-art surveillance and computer vision-based lighting solution for smart buildings. This solution will enable customers to deploy automation onthe edge and ensure a significant ROI by reducing the electricity usage in buildings. The DreamVu camera’s unique feature includes a depth output which can improve accuracy when computing the real-time occupancy analytics. Depending on the analytics, the human-centric lights are controlled automatically based on the customer’s preferred communication mode (WiFi or PoE).